Family Therapy


First Session


This first session is made up of either one or both parents.  This session is called a ‘Family Mapping Session.’ This session is designed to go through the parent’s family history as well as family dynamics and parenting styles.  We will talk about what the parent feels could be troubling their child/children/family in relation as to why they are seeking therapy as a family for a specific child or children.  I will discuss with you prior to your appointment what things you might need to answer. 


Breakdown of session fees:


Option 1: 1 x Parent Session @ £65 each 


Option 2: Joint Session @ £90 (if seen separately then option 1 applies for each)


Both options are up to 1 hour each.  Available as face to face or online.



After the session is complete, I will then look at what information has been provided and then organise another session to discuss the outcomes and plan what we need to do next. 


Second Session


This session will bring together the parent/s to discuss these findings and go through any plans we may have in relation of support for themselves and any skills that myself as a therapist can transfer to aid each parent to support their child/children.  Sometimes it maybe that one or both parents may need a few sessions for themselves so that they can be in a better place to offer support for their child/children.  This can be made up of either counselling or coaching sessions.  I will discuss the options at this session if this is the case.


Fees for this session:


Single: £65 Joint: £80 This is available as face to face or online.




Future fees:


One to One Counselling/Coaching Adult: £65 each session (1 hour) 


Counselling Session 1 x Parent and Child: £65 (up to one hour) 


Counselling for Children/Young Person under 18: £55 (up to 45 mins each) 


All available as face to face or online


Normally children only require a parent for the first session, and they are normally quite okay to work with me on a one-to-one basis thereafter.  However, all children are different and if more than one session is required with the parent attending then I will only charge the single counselling session for children fee (£55).  Face to face or online.




Fees start at £120 plus expenses.  Geographical restrictions apply.


Reports or Organisational Involvement such as school visits/meetings are not included.  My rates for this vary and can be discussed with you in advance if required.





I will require your name/s (where there are both parents, I will create separate bookings to create a profile for each) I will not require initially the details of your child/children until we have gone through session 2 and identified what it is will happen in terms of therapy/coaching.  If, however we do decide to book sessions for your child/children then this process will need to be completed for each child.  In all instances you will need to pay a 50% deposit for the session/s once the forms have been completed to secure your appointment otherwise, I cannot guarantee your appointment. (See terms and conditions in your introductory email) I will need at least 48 hours’ notice for reschedule of your session.  The deposit is non-refundable.



Please feel free to contact me on 01278 760680 or 07815 606 372


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