Mentoring & Advocacy Service
This service provides up to 6 sessions of support for people looking for a diagnosis of ADHD/Autism, or mentoring for those already with a diagnosis.
1. As part of this service I offer Psychometric Screening which helps to provide the first steps to obtain a formal diagnosis.
2. Referral to GP if required to administer the paperwork and refer to a service qualified to diagnose.
3. Workplace, College or School advocacy.
4. Mentoring to help to gain skills to better manage you and your behaviours related to your diagnosis.

Some of the things that can be covered are:
Help with Gaining a Clear Understanding of what ADHD/Autism is, An Assessment that can be used to Move Towards Looking for a Formal Diagnosis, Diet for ADHD, Behaviour Support, Emotional Support, Relaxation Methods, Sleep Support, Problem Solving and Goal Setting as well as Support for Care Givers and Loved Ones.
I offer Support to Schools for Effective Biopsychosocial Intervention.
The cost of this service varies depending if you wish to pay as you go or purchase a block of sessions
£65 per 1 hour session for those already with a formal diagnosis or management skills without formal diagnosis.
For those looking for diagnosis
£120 for Initial Session to include Psychometric Screening. This session will also take background information to help you with any forms you will receive if you are referred on for a formal diagnosis. This session is up to 1.5 hours long, then £65 per 1 hour session thereafter.
Contact me for fees relating to block booking (discounts available)

01278 760680

07815 606 372

This service is not for a formal diagnosis, this is only obtained through a professional service that are suitably qualified to do so. 


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