I Offer supervision Face to Face or Online.

Supervision is an important part  of the  journey in your  counselling  and psychotherapy career.  It helps to keep yourself and your clients safe when working through difficult issues or supports you through other aspects of being a counsellor, whether this is working in private practice or in an organisational settings.

I have been a qualified counsellor & psychotherapist since 2011, working from my own Private Practice in Somerset working with  adults, children and young people,  where  I offer a wide range of therapies.

With continued professional development and my own supervision I have specialised in a number of areas, some of these include working with PTSD, CPTSD, Personality Disorders,  Sexual Abuse, Trauma, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, ME and more.

my fees for Supervision, are £70 for an hour and half and £35 for 1 hour (usually 45 mins) for trainee counsellors based on the BACP fortnightly  guidance for students. 

Contact Lizzy: 01278 760680 or 07815 606 372 or blueambercounselling@live.co.uk

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